How to Make a Quick Messy Updo Hair Bun

by theperfectbuns

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In this short three minute video, Bubzbeauty shows you how to make a quick and cute messy updo hair bun. Check out the video and we’ve also added the steps below for you. Have fun!

  1. Tie your hair into a high ponytail.
  2. Pull strands of your hair down for your fringe (if you wish)
  3. Loop your ponytail forward and bobby pin in place.
  4. Pull the back of your bun so it fans out.
  5. Keep tugging and distressing the bun. Scrunch and pull.  Be spontaneous and messy.
  6. Take random pieces and simply bobby pin in place.  The messier the better.  The more you pull back, the bigger the updo.
  7. Use hairspray so everything stays in one place.  Accessorize if you wish with a hairband or hair clip.

You’re done, congrats!

  • Annalise

    Thank u for helpping me love ya always and thanks a lot babes bye bye see u soon a agains bye hunnie

  • megan

    i hae short hair but it still works :) thanks xx

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