How to make a Donut Bun

by Angelica

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This Donut Hair bun is very quick and easy to do. It can actually be done in 5 minutes or less. It uses no heat so your hair is safe because it will not destroy or burn any strands of your hair. This Donut bun is for those casual days that you need to pull all of your hair up. It can be also for any day or evening occasion because it also appears elegant and exquisite. Cocktail, semi-formal, or formal this hair bun will surely wrap up your look.

Continue reading below and we will share to you the step-by-step process of making this Donut Bun.

First thing’s first! Getting the things you’ll be needing. In this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll be needing a donut foam if you have one at home. But if not, we have an alternative for it -a sock. Yes, you read it right. A sock can be an alternative material for creating that Donut bun. If you have a darker shade of hair, I suggest you also get a dark colored sock but if you have blonde colored hair, of course you get nude colored to white socks.

Step 1 – Roll the socks from the top downwards. Just make sure you roll it evenly around and keep going until you make it to the bottom.

Step 2- Once you get to the bottom, grab a pair of scissors and just snip off the end to create a hole. So there, you have yourself a sock which you can use for your donut hair bun (you can double the socks if you want a higher or thicker bun)

Step 3- Tie your hair in to a high ponytail. After doing so, you can smooth out the sides of your hair using a hair spray.

Step 4- Get the sock bun that we’ve done a while ago or if you have the donut bun maker. Insert your hair in the hole of the sock bun.

Step 5- Spread the hair all over the sock and get another hair tie to put the hair in place. Now you’ll see that the bun we want to achieve is already forming.

Step 6- Get the excess hair tips and pin it around the bun using some bobby pins

Step 7- Use hair spray to make the bun hold or you can just use a lot of bobby pins to neat up the look. You can also add some tiaras, headbands, ribbons, flowers, clips or any hair accessories to make the bun a little more stylish.

So, there you have it! Donut hair bun in 7 easy steps. No heat or any setting up needed. It is perfect for any day event like going out to the mall with friends, eating out for lunch, strolling at the park or even just going to school or work. It can also be for evening occasions like if you are a bridesmaid or a guest at a wedding, debut, prom, or society galas.

Let me know if you’ve done this hair bun and in what occasion you have wore it. You can also ask for some clarifications or any questions.

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